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March - June 2001

Another Success for Community Bank Matching Program

Thanks to the generosity of many, many people in the area, this was the most successful Matching Funds Campaign in the five years that Community has sponsored the program! Contributions were received from a number of new donors, in addition to our regular supporters. The goal was to raise $25,000 from the public, which would be matched by Community Bank. We have met our goal each of the last five years, and the total amount contributed by the public has steadily increased each year. This year, we received just over $34,000 during the matching program!

Thank you, Habitat supporters, and Thank you, Community Bank!


Lots of Fish Fried by K. C's

And that doesn't mean Kentucky Fried Chicken! The Knights of Columbus Council # 9748 has a Fish Fry benefiting a non-profit organization each month from September to April, and each Friday during Lent. They made Habitat for Humanity of Hood County the beneficiary of the events on February 23 and April 6, which resulted in over $2,000 for Habitat. It is said that the April 6 fish fry set several new records: most people fed (369); most fish cooked (15 boxes); most cole slaw; and most hush puppies.

In addition to the profit from these two fish fry events, the Knights also gave Habitat a generous donation during the Matching Funds Campaign.

Thanks, Knights! You did a great job for Habitat and other local charities!

Penny Drive Succeeds in Granbury Schools!

You've heard of Pennies from Heaven, but these were Pennies from Angels, as well as nickles, dimes, quarters and dollar bills! A total of $5,147.46 was raised from all sources during the Penny Drive.

This is the first year we have had a Penny Drive, and we only asked the Granbury Independent School District (GISD) students to participate. School administrators, teachers, students and parents responded quickly and enthusiastically. In future years, we hope to expand the Penny Drive to other Hood County school districts.

The class which collected the most money in each of the elementary, intermediate and middle schools was treated to a Pizza Party by Habitat supporters. Appreciation Ribbons were given to each participating school to thank them for their hard work. The participating classes made little "Habitat Homes" from milk jugs and other materials and used the houses to collect money.

A "winning" house, based on artistic constructon, was selected from each school. The original intent was to display the winning houses in our booth at the General Granbury's Birthday event on the Granbury Square on
March 24-25, to give the public the opportunity to vote for their favorite house-by donating more money. Unfortunately, the weather that weekend changed our plans. Our display-and all our workers-were wind-blown and rained on, beginning about five minutes after our booth was set up.

Ian Moore, of the Granbury Sampler, came to our rescue by permitting us to set up the winning houses in his store for two weeks. Based on contributions received during this display of the houses, the Penny Drive Trophy was awarded to Nettie Baccus Elementary School.

Thank you, GISD, for your support of Habitat during the Penny Drive!
And Thanks to Connie Hollstein-Drexel, Nita Mitchell, Naida Linnabery, Margie Messina, Noni Meaney, and Phyllis Anderson for organizing this project and making it a reality!

Applications to be accepted for Habitat Families

With the 13th home almost complete, and the 14th to be started soon, it is time to begin planning for the selection of additional families. Three families were selected on September 14, 2000 from the applications received in June 2000 , for houses 14, 15 and 16. It is hoped that we will complete building these homes before the end of 2001, if funds and land are available and if bad weather does not further delay our building program. Additional families will be partnering on houses 17 and beyond, probably to be under construction in the year 2002.

Habitat is looking for families that make between 25% and 50% of the median family income in Hood County. The income ranges are outlined in the flyer inside this newsletter. The following are requirements that applicants must meet:

  1. Be living in substandard, inadequate, or overcrowded housing.
  2. Be willing to "partner" with Habitat. This means that the family must work 300 hours of "sweat equity", building their home or other Habitat homes, along with other Habitat volunteers.
  3. Have sufficient income to make regular monthly mortgage payments of the home, and make a $700 down payment. Mortgage payments normally run from $250 - $300 per month (depending on the size of the house) for a period of 20 years. Habitat for Humanity charges no interest on the mortgage, and the house cost is based on the materials that are used to build the home.

In order to apply to become a Habitat Family Partner, you must attend one of the following sessions and complete an application:

Wednesday, April 25, 2001 - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 28, 2001 - 2:00 p.m.
Sunday, April 29, 2001 - 4:00 p.m.

All the above sessions will be at the Granbury Housing Authority, 503 N. Crockett St., Granbury, Texas.

There is no other procedure for applying for a Habitat home, other than attending a Family Application Day, such as those listed above. After this selection period, we will not be accepting applications again for several months. Therefore, if you or someone you know has an immediate interest in applying for a Habitat home, you must make every effort to attend one of these sessions.


Helping Habitat

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) and Sterling College (Sterling, KS) announced in early September the formation of a new partnership to train future generations of HFHI leaders. This venture designates Sterling College as the pilot "Habitat for Humanity College".

Beginning with the Fall 2001 academic year, up to 25 Habitat for Humanity Fellows will be named by Sterling College each year and full-tuition scholarships provided to each Fellow for four years. The students will enroll and complete a course of study developed with assistance from HFHI. Sterling and HFHI will together invite and encourage each Habitat Regional and National office and affiliate to nominate high school students or adult reentry students for the Fellowship Program.

Interested students or nominators are encouraged to contact Sterling College for more information at 800-346-1017, ext 466. The deadline for nominations for the 2001 school year is February 1, but recommendations of promising students for future classes are appropriate at any time.

Carpenter's Club Fund Raiser Begins

A new, long-range fund raising effort will begin soon-the 350 Carpenter's Club. The goal is to find members of our community who are supportive of Habitat's goals and principles, but who are not yet regular contributors. These persons will be asked to consider becoming members of the "Carpenter's Club" by pledging to donate $100 each time a foundation is poured for a new Habitat house in Hood County, up to a maximum of four houses per year.

If we are able to find 350 "carpenters" willing to make this pledge, their donations would fund the cost of our building program. We expect that it will be quite some time-perhaps years-before we are able to rely on this program to fund our construction costs, but it is a goal we will work toward.

We do not want to erode our current base of donors, but gain new ones. If you are not a regular contributor to Habitat and would like to become one, or if you are now a donor, but would like more information about the Carpenter's Club, call Phyllis Anderson at 817-579-1198. We would like to have you in our Club!

In Loving Memory of Mary Casey,
Habitat Volunteer

Status of Houses #13 & #14

House #13 is almost finished, except for the septic system, the yard and some touch-up work. First there were rain delays; now we are in a long "line" behind other customers to have the septic system installed. We will not dedicate the home until it is complete. The slab should be poured soon for House #14. Then we will be ready to begin framing it.

HFH of Hood County is on the "Web"

In case you haven't heard, Habitat for Humanity of Hood County now has its own website on the Internet, thanks to much hard work by Ryan Hilton. Ryan, who is the daughter of Habitat volunteer Jack D'Amario, became interested in our affiliate as a result of her father's enthusiasm and volunteered to develop a website for us. Ryan is a professional in the information technology field, and did an outstanding job!

The website contains up-to-date information on the status of our building program, current pictures of what's happening on the construction site, and a variety of informational items on other Habitat topics. Log on to:


and check it out. There will be a place for computer users to leave their e-mail address, in order to receive Habitat information on a regular basis, including (hopefully) an electronic version of the newsletter.

Thank you, Ryan!


St Frances Cabrini Fish Fry